School medal “season” is fast approaching. Below is a list of the schools and dates that we have so far.  We will show the school name, date/time of presentation and the presenter, if we have one.

A school presenter is any member who can go to the school on the appointed date/time and read a script that we have prepared and present the medals. We will have multiple schools on the same date so we will need different presenters for each on those dates. 

Lake Howell NJROTC                     April 7 – 6 PM         Bob Colbert

UCF Army ROTC                                April 21                    Jim MIddlekauff 

Lake Howell High School              May 11 – 6 PM        (Open)

Dommerich Elementary                 May 23 – 9 AM       Bob Colbert

More schools will be listed as we get them. (3/26/2022)