The Auxiliary meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, exept for June and July. ZOOM Video Conferencing is now available if a member is unable to come to the meeting but wishes to participate. During the COVID-19 emergency, all meetings are ZOOM Video Conferencing ONLY until further notice.

To see their WEB page for details, click here


The VA has opened the Veterans Crisis Line at 800-273-8255. Check the "Other Links" below for their WEB site

Both Lake Nona and Lake Baldwin favilities are on limited access. Contact them if you have any questions.


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Post Meetings

The monthly meeting is held on the Second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.

The Executive Board meets before the General Meeting at the Post at 6 pm.

Call in to the meetings from home or on the road. Our General Meeting as well as the Executive Board meeting is available on a ZOOM Video Conferencing. Contact the Adjutant at 407-212-7262 (TEXT).

Sons of the American Legion Squadron 112
(S A L)

Meetings are held on first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 5th over ZOOM at 7 PM. With the current limitations, it is a "CALL IN ONLY" meeting. Watch for details here. All Squadron members are emailed the login link. If you did not receive it, contact the Adjutant.


Winter Park Memorial American Legion Post 112

Mail to: PO Box 910, Goldenrod, FL 32733
Post: 4490 N Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park, FL
Phone: (407) 671-6404

In consideration of the COVID-19 Virus problem, Post face-to-face activities have been LIMITED. We are asking EVERYONE who comes to the Post to wear a face covering for the safety and protection of all.

The Winnter Park American Legion Family wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Veteran's Day Program - 2020 at Post. This is a video of the program

Click here for the Florida Veteran's Benefits flyer.

Remember, all of the Post Family is invited to attend ANY of the meetings. If you wish to attend a meeting and do not have the login, send a text to the Adjutant at 407-212-7262 BEFORE that meeting for the login information.

We are having our 2021 Membership drive.
Post (Legion) - 76.30%
Auxiliary - 100.00%
Sons - 75.85%

We are now meeting using ZOOM Video Conferencing. Information on how to join the meeting is emailed to each member with a valid email address. If you did not receive the link, contact Bob Colbert at 407-212-7262 (Text only). If you wish to "visit" our meetings, email at least a day before the meeting.

The Legion now accepts ANY veteran serving during or after December 7th, 1941 with an honorable discharge! There are no more gaps in service!

Click here for the JAN / FEB Newsletter. To see the newsletters for the last 10 years, use the tab on the left.

Want to use your WiFi connected device at the Post? Ask one of the officers for the log in code.

Are you missing out? Do you get the meeting and event notices (and newsletter) by email? Send an email to "" to be added to our list. Be sure to include your name in the message.



* Depending on safe availability


5 SAL Meeting - 7 PM - Post* & ZOOM
12 Executive Board Meeting - 6 PM - Post* & ZOOM
12 Post General Meeting - 7 PM = Post* & ZOOM
16 Fleet Reserve Meeting - 9:30 AM - Post* & ZOOM
19 Auxiliary Unit Meeting - 7 PM - Post* & ZOOM
* Depending on safe availability


2 SAL Meeting - 7 PM - Post* & ZOOM
9 Executive Board Meeting - 6 PM - Post* & ZOOM
9 Post General Meeting - 7 PM - Post* & ZOOM
16 Auxiliary Unit Meeting - 7 PM - Post* & ZOOM
20 Fleet Reserve Meeting - 9:30 AM - Post* & ZOOM
* Depending on safe availability

The Post's availability depends on the guidelines for the State & County and the agreeement of the Executive Board that it is safe to open the building for visitors.

Color Code: At the Post / Another location / SPECIAL EVENT / (Underlined is a LINK) /Post Private event

We are proud members of:

Goldenrod Area Chamber of Commerce

Updated: 12/22/2020