Join us

Our Legion Family is actually three organizations as a family.

The American Legion members are all Honorably Discharged military veterans. Dues are $38/year. Point of contact is Billy Dover at 407-383-9455. 

Our Auxiliary Unit members are spouses, sisters, daughters and grand daughters of honorably discharged veterans. Dues are $12/year for Juniors (ages up to 18 years) and $45/year for Seniors. Point of contact is Nell Colbert at 321-303-7445

Our Sons of the American Legion Squadron members are sons, step sons, grand sons and great grandsons of veterans and may or may not have served in the military themselves. Dues are $20/year. Point of contact is Jim Carten at 407-415-9042

The applications for all new members is here with a brief explanation of each.

If you are already a member and wish to transfer to our Post Family, you can call the respective membership person for details.